Illuminate your space with healing and love frequency-infused soy candles.

Illuminate your space with the divine harmony of our handcrafted candles, infused with the transformative power of 528Hz, also known as the Love Frequency. Each candle is meticulously created by a certified Sound Healer, ensuring that every flicker emanates an exquisite symphony of serenity. To elevate the experience further, we infuse Reiki Healing Energy into the hot wax, allowing this ancient healing practice to embrace your living space. Discover the artistry and enchantment of our candles and let their ethereal glow create an ambiance of pure luxury and tranquility in your home.

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Elevate your Manifestation Practices with Healing and Love Infused Honey

Connecting Natural Laws of the Universe with Pure Honey or Candles

All things, including honey and candles, carry frequency with everything in the universe being in a constant state of movement (aka vibration) and the speed at which something vibrates is called it’s frequency.

The natural Laws of the Universe consist in part of the Law of Vibration (the Primary Law) followed by the Law of Attraction (the Secondary Law). These are interconnected to manifest the people, things and experiences we want into our lives, that match the corresponding vibrational frequency.

You are able to raise your inner vibration in a variety of ways; one of which is enjoying HaBee honey or Healing Infused Candles on a daily basis. Both have been infused with sacred Solfeggio frequency and clear intentions through a multi-stage dynamic infusing process. HaBee honey and Healing infused candles are intended to be used as a complementary addition in your manifestation practices, to raise your inner vibration - in order to elevate the matching of the vibration of the things, people and experiences you wish to attract.

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  • 1. Elevate our inner vibration

    This is a fundamental requirement in manifestation practice and can be done using various methods such as enjoying HaBee High Frequency Honey or lighting one of our Healing Infused Soy Candles prior to Meditation/ Visualisation / Journalling etc, in order to become in alignment with the things we want to have, be or do.

  • 2. Showing Gratitude & Ask for What You Want

    for anything in our lives currently, helps get your thoughts into alignment and further raises your vibration.

    Asking for what you want can be done in several ways and no single way is the best method. Some examples are by journalling your desires / Repeating Mantras/Visualisation practices/creating a clear vision board and verbally stating your desires out loud (if you are not comfortable speaking to anyone about your desires, record yourself on your phone and listen to it as often as you like).

  • 3. Assume that it is ALREADY Yours

    Finally, assume a life where you already have what you attracted. Allow your desires to come to you without putting time limitations on them. Your manifestations will come to you in the form of opportunities and ideas that appear to you. When opportunities present themselves to you - ACT on them.

    ONLY follow ideas and opportunities that come from a positive place of love and that bring you joy - that is how you know you are in alignment with your vibrational energy.

    When you are in exact alignment with your desires, they MUST materialise. It is the Natural LAW of the Universe.

    Here’s to your positive, happy and always ALIGNED being.